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Our e-Helicopter Startup Will Open Waitlist on Monday for Nigeria

Our e-Helicopter Startup Will Open Waitlist on Monday for Nigeria

This year I co-founded an e-helicopter company (Uber for helicopter), the first in Africa. By Monday, I will reveal the company and unveil a waitlist for those that want to fly helicopters across Nigeria. Yes, fly over those traffic paralyses! 

Our business model is like Uber-for-helicopter where with your phone, you can book and fly a helicopter, around key cities and connections in Nigeria, and beyond. Our full launch remains Q1 2020.

In my Group, 2019 is the best year ever, as we have generated massive value, multiplying assets value through unique business models, linkages and partnerships, we have deployed and orchestrated around the world. By moving upstream, we have found and unlocked opportunities in new markets and territories. 

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As we unveil this waitlist, I want you to see it with optimistic exuberance on what technology can do to fix logistics frictions through better utilization of assets and factors of production. From trucking to carpooling to helicopter operations, algorithms can optimize many things , even as we wait for governments to deepen our infrastructural capabilities in Africa.


Meet Our Team in Lagos – “Uber for Helicopter” Services Across Nigeria


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3 THOUGHTS ON Our e-Helicopter Startup Will Open Waitlist on Monday for Nigeria

  1. This is good development especially with the bad roads and the high rate of insecurity.
    I hope it will be affordable to the average Nigerian and it is not a service that will be affordable for just the affluent, politicians and the Nigerian money bags .

    As long as it is affordable Ndubisi please make.memone of your patronizers this yultide period.

  2. This is great. Unlocking opportunities and filling the gaps in transport where ideas, transaction and that handshake were delayed in traffic.

    I also see an opportunity with this in improving tourism too (a sector I am passionate about). Hopefully, your services will help across new borders.

    I am intrigued to know the brand name. If none has been chosen, Helicüber can be considered.

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