Toshiba PC Business Powerred By Portege Grew 5.3% in Q1 2011 Worldwide

Toshiba is a behemoth that does many things.  It makes nuclear plants, TVs, semiconductors, displays, and PCs of course. But right now what is driving it is not the huge contracts nuclear plants provide which have gone down as expected since  many countries began to cancel their orders after the recent Japanese crises.


The PC or computer business is hot right now.  Toshiba is raking billions from chips and displays as well but the laptop/PC business is leading the revivals. Yes the PC/laptop business  is back, courtesy of Portege. The 5th world’s largest shipper of PCs, Toshiba is a force. HP Acer and Dell have seen their sales drop, Toshiba computer business grew 5.3% due to Portege laptop, according to Gartner, a global market research company. Only Lenovo is shipping more laptops than Toshiba.


What is happening in Toshiba is the understanding of the need of business resilience. Companies must not depend on one product line. Yet, there must be a balance before a firm loses focus. That Toshiba could play in all these industries is a testament to the innovation in their corporate culture. But the PC or laptop will not save them, they need to get into tablets. Because that is now and the future.

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