TRANSFORM digitally, not just Run digitally

TRANSFORM digitally, not just Run digitally

The disintermediation of advertising agencies by digital platforms like Google and Facebook. How vulnerable is your sector to the evolving digital commerce? The Wealth of Nations is now the Data of Nations, find your path to digital. It took Apple decades to hit the $1T market cap but just about 2 years to hit $2T. There is power in bytes; TRANSFORM digitally, not just Run digitally.

TRANSFORM on Your Campaigns

You can grow a business by selling directly to the people. You do not need a national TV or a nationwide newspaper campaign to be noticed. Most of the traditional gatekeepers have been cut-out by tech. It’s a lot easier these days to run a campaign! BUILD authentic messaging and thrive!

At Tekedia Mini-MBA, our 2020 budget for ad is $125. That was necessary as I needed to understand Linkedin and FB platforms to ensure a lecture is current. Yet, we reached many and brought nationals of 30 nations in one ecosystem. BYTES go further than atoms these days.


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