Turn Your Customers Into FANS Through Perception Demand

Turn Your Customers Into FANS Through Perception Demand

Steve Jobs, an Apple founder, was legendary for stimulating demand. He worked without surveys or focus groups. He was a genius, peerless in his generation. He saw an unborn future many years ago. He was an icon, who changed his world. He developed a good design paradigm of working at the perception of customers, beyond their needs and expectations. He found glory and Apple triumphed with iPod, iPhone, iPad and more.

As 2021 comes, what would you do differently? Toyota generated  $272 billion revenue in 2019; Tesla’s was $25 billion. Yet, the market cap of Tesla is about 2x of Toyota’s. Amazon’s market cap is $1.62 trillion while Walmart is $413 billion, and yet many think they are peers, in the same business!

Those things happen for a reason: one is meeting Needs of customers; another is stimulating Perception in customers. One has customers; the other has Fans.

In 2021, you must create Fans out of customers to thrive. Meeting needs is never going to be enough: you must shift. Have a great profitable year ahead.

Steve Jobs’ Perception Demand Construct, for Africa


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