Turning GSM Phones Into Satellite Phones – The Mission of BeepTool

Turning GSM Phones Into Satellite Phones – The Mission of BeepTool

A nice piece on BeepTool, a company I am very proud to be part of. We are bringing broadband connectivity to remote locations in Nigeria and then Africa. With our technology, you can turn a GSM phone into a satellite phone. It is simply amazing. If interested in this mission, connect with BeepTool leader, John Enoh.

BeepTool signed some notable strategic partnerships to scale its operations and complement its proprietary innovations. The company’s partners include Sky and Space Global, a British publicly-traded narrowband satellite communications provider…


BeepTool’s co-founder and CEO, John Enoh, in an interview granted to Africa Business Community, said, “the market response has been good even though it could be better. The community of BeepTool users is more than 1,000,000 users strong, with about 30 per cent active usage on a monthly basis from the direct app and agent location networks.”

Yet, BeepTool continues to look for partners as explained here.

“We are closer to the coast now. But before we break the news, we want to still give 30 days of investment opportunity to friends, family, and individuals to join our private shareholders who are about to make history in sub-Sahara Africa”, the company noted on its Linkedin page.


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