Turning Ugliest Experiences Into Valuable Guides

Turning Ugliest Experiences Into Valuable Guides

Experiences can never be useless. They are part of us – whether exciting or hurting. For that reason, they should be made to count in making our lives better and more fulfilling.

In a world where everything is judged by its usefulness, it’s the height of self disservice not to get the most out of ugly experiences, knowing that we as individuals are constantly being judged and rewarded according to the perceived value of the contribution we make.

This pattern of looking at things in our world made it so certain that anything that did not go as those to whom it matters would want it go, is highly frowned at or immediately dismissed with impatient awful thumb down. Often times, even the affected individual suffers the same ugly fate of various forms of negative public review, dished out with such reckless abandon, sufficient enough to close the chapter of one whose mind is not strong enough to bear the pounds of the punches and still keep faith.

Whatever be the case, it does not in any way reduce the promise of usefulness inherent in ugly experiences, mistakes or failed attempts. This is so, notwithstanding the impatience of the public. But it is the individual concerned that must constantly review the ugly experience in the light of other realities to ensure that the same route, that led to previous ugly destination, is not taken.

History has been very kind to those whose painful experience influenced them to push for innovative reforms, more justice and fairness as much as it’s been to those who, through their exciting exposures, made a positive impact in their societies.

Rising above the negative reviews, which are usually a given, to focusing on lessons that can be learned and converting those lessons into valuable personal guides for delivering better services (including sharing the knowledge to those it might help) are the most important uses to which one can apply an ugly experience.

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