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Tutuka provides innovative and simple software solutions for gift vouchers or cards, prepaid cash replacement and loyalty programmes. They created the official VISA FIFA World Cup card for the 2010 tournament held in South Africa.


Tutuka is the premier Voucher Software provider. Tutuka develops open standard software to issue, redeem and reconcile vouchers whether printed, card based, emailed or sent to mobile phones. Tutuka’s software applications are developed in house. This is what they do….


Paper vouchers:

• Tutuka first began by issuing solely paper vouchers. However as the market and company evolved, there has gradually been a movement towards the Card based vouchers.

• Tutuka still issues paper vouchers in certain markets. A good example would be our clients from the government sector. We issue paper based training vouchers to many of the government SETA’s.

Private Label Cards:

• Tutuka issues private label gift cards for a significant number of retailers in South Africa.

• These cards are used within a specific retailing network. We often refer to this as a closed loop card system.

• These cards have a mag stripe and BIN generated by Tutuka.

• In order to load, redeem and obtain a balance on the cards, the retailer or group can either integrate to Tutuka’s VoucherEngine (Tutuka will provide integration specifications), use terminals that allow for gift card transactions or use Tutuka’s online POS system VoucherPOS.

• These cards are also used for loyalty programmes.

• The cards are reloadable and are branded by the client.
SMS Vouchers:

• Tutuka’s VoucherEngine can issue SMS vouchers.

• The voucher is a 10 or 16 digit number that can include a message from the issuer.

• The vouchers are  prepaid and Tutuka keeps an online quota balance for the client.

• The vouchers can be redeemed at a POS that has Tutuka’s Voucher system.

• These type of vouchers are used mainly by large loyalty programmes.



Prepaid Shopping Centre Cards:

• Tutuka, in conjunction with Standard Bank, launched a prepaid MasterCard gift card for shopping centres in 2005.

• The card is branded according to the Clients specifications and must include a MasterCard hologram.

• The card can be redeemed at a retailer that accepts MasterCard.

• The card can be redeemed through a retailer’s POS but cannot be used to withdraw any cash.

• Tutuka manages the process of setting up the account for the cards and assists the client with the production of its card.

• The card is issued via Tutuka’s VoucherEngine (Tutuka’s online voucher system), or VoucherExpress (Tutuka’s specialized software catering specifically for shopping centre needs that can be installed at information kiosks)

• This card is not reloadable.

Visa Branded Prepaid cards:

• In 2010, Tutuka became Visa certified and has launched Visa branded prepaid cards. The cards are branded as the client with a Visa logo and can be redeemed wherever Visa is accepted.

• These cards can be used in the shopping centre environment, by corporates, and loyalty programmes as incentives.


Corporate Gift Cards:

• More corporate companies have moved towards their own branded prepaid cards. These cards can be used as a reward or incentive to employees

• The cards are branded as the corporate and have a MasterCard or Visa hologram

• The corporate prepaid gift card is reloadable up to twice a month

• Corporate companies can issue prepaid cards by using Tutuka’s online system VoucherEngine or VoucherPOS. The company can also integrate directly into Tutuka and issue via their existing POS software

• Customers can get their balances via the issuing channels, going to www.whatsonmycard.com or sending an SMS with their card number to 34246

Prepaid card issued through a free Standing kiosk:

• Tutuka has recently worked together with its partner Kinektek to produce a free standing kiosk that dispenses prepaid cards.

• The kiosk is branded entirely as the client. The kiosk has a screen that can be used for advertising products.

• Customers can purchase their prepaid card from this kiosk with a PIN based credit or debit card.

• The customer has to enter their mandatory FICA details onscreen when purchasing a card.

• The kiosk was used in the South African 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament to dispense prepaid Visa branded gift cards.


Insurance Replacement Card:

• These cards are company branded prepaid MasterCards that can be filtered to be accepted only within a certain network.  This means that the cards can only be spent at specified vendors. It has the functionality of a closed loop card, with the acceptance of an open loop prepaid card.

• The cards are PIN protected.

• These cards however, can only be used for the insuracne market

• Tutuka has recently launched a Paycard. The Paycard from Tutuka aims to provide employers with the convenience of paying their employees using a disposable Prepaid PayCard, rather than by cash or cheque.

• Once the cards have been loaded they can be used to withdraw cash at any Standard Bank or other local banks’ ATMs, or they can be used to pay for goods and services at any merchant where the MasterCard logo is displayed.

• The card is PIN protected.

• The card is reloadable.

• For smaller companies or corporates that require the card, there is a self service website whereby these cards can be purchased online. The cards are generically branded and will be delivered once an order is placed online. The PayCard can be ordered from www.paycard.co.za.

• Tutuka can also assist a company that requires their own company branded Paycard. In this instance, Tutuka will assist the company with the design and production of the Paycards. Tutuka will create a corporate branded issuing website whereby the company can issue the cards from.


Rand Travel Card:

• A Rand Travel card is similar to a Paycard product, however, the values that can be loaded on a Rand Travel Card are higher.

• These cards can be generic branded cards that are readily available for issuance.

• The card can also be branded as the company should the company require.

• Generic branded Rand Travel cards can be issued in branch or the corporate can load these via a web based site created by Tutuka.

• The corporate branded Rand travel card is issued via the web based site created by Tutuka.

• The cards are issued with a PIN and funds can be withdrawn from ATM’s within South Africa.

• The cards are reloadable.

• Alternatively, a client can integrate to Tutuka’s VoucherEngine in order to load and issue cards.

Overseas Travel Card:

• These are prepaid cards that can be used outside of South Africa and are denominated in foreign currency.

• The card can be a Rand based card, US Dollar card, British Pound, Euro or Australian Dollar.

• The card is PIN protected and can be used to withdraw funds from an ATM.

• The cards are reloadable.

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