Twitter Goes “Forever” for Work from Home

Twitter Goes “Forever” for Work from Home

It seems a new sector is emerging in the world: Work from Home (WFH) at scale. And if that is the case, a new class of startups will also evolve to support companies which are making the redesign possible. The deal is this, new software and apps would need to be created because companies are going “home” at scale. Simply, Covid-19 is creating a new market opportunity which could be huge. If that picks up, expect many commercial real estate companies to struggle while residential real estate firms to smile to the banks. 

This is how a shift happens in the world: “Dan,  you will begin work next week, but we do not expect to see you here daily. You work from home”. For the company, there is no need to expand the office space, get the cubicle guys, etc. Twitter has made the first call: “Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s head of human resources, said if employees were in a position to work from home and they wanted to continue to do so “forever”, Twitter would “make it possible”’. Expect many other firms to follow that path.

Apps to manage WFH should be in the apps store soon for subscriptions, and hardware to make it more efficient would be expected. Do not look far, the post Covid-19 opportunities are emerging already. Uber and Stripe were founded during the great recession, some new great visions will emerge out of this pandemic.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it could allow employees to continue to work from home indefinitely even after the end of the coronavirus crisis.

Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s head of human resources, said if employees were in a position to work from home and they wanted to continue to do so “forever”, Twitter would “make it possible”.

Christie’s post said Twitter was one of the first companies to implement the stay-at-home model in early March.

According to media reports, several other tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, did the same.

The company said offices would remain closed until at least September, “with very few exceptions”.

“Opening offices will be our decision,” a company spokesperson told NBC News.

“When and if our employees come back, will be theirs,” the spokesman added


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3 thoughts on “Twitter Goes “Forever” for Work from Home

  1. Adekunle Kabir Awujoola · Edit

    Good morning Prof,

    I am interested in the program. Presently I work in a mortgage bank and function as a Debt Recovery Officer. However, I intend to start my own consulting firm in the years to come. My biggest challenge has been starting. Please advice me Sir.

  2. Well, the Covid-19 has supplied the catalyst needed to release the inertia of traditional work environment, and some companies have been forced to test what they dreaded for years; now it’s a reality, without much harm.

    Many companies will follow Twitter, as they have been ‘following and tweeting’ on Twitter too.

    If a company fails to join the party, by the time top talents start flocking to only companies with such provisions, and companies start using same as competitive advantage when sourcing talents, anyone still resisting would know that the game is up.

    Now a new sector has emerged: Remote Work or Work from Home (WFH) Service sector.

    Game on…

  3. The CoVid 19 pandemic has apparently expose the world to a system of getting things done more efficiently and effectively through digitalised mechanisms, The WFH initially took us by surprise and we got thinking how it would be possible but months pass by and it’s still probably producing results and I do think it’s exciting working from home and I would wish this fate is sustained even after the virus is over cuz it gonna give room for individual development i.e, for those who work for an employer, will have more opportunity of dwelling in other curricula also, there would be time for e-learning advancement in real time, from a survey conducted on my site we have noticed a rise in the disbursement of e-learning dispensation in Nigeria and the world in general. If the WFH is well structured it would lead to uprising of some entrepreneurship trends and furthermore increase productivity but for those industries that fails to come to light with this new trends it gonna affect their operations in the negative ? sphere.


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