Home Community Insights Two Games Two Dominate The GameFi Space With A Unique Value Proposition: Moshnake and Axie Infinity

Two Games Two Dominate The GameFi Space With A Unique Value Proposition: Moshnake and Axie Infinity

Two Games Two Dominate The GameFi Space With A Unique Value Proposition: Moshnake and Axie Infinity

During the raging crypto winter, a handful of crypto niches were not drastically affected by the detrimental effects of the crumbling market. GameFi was among the few that sustained the initial blow and is currently on the way to becoming the most lucrative space in crypto.

And although according to a recent survey, the global adoption of blockchain gaming has only reached its hibernation state, all the cards are on the table for GameFi to lead the crypto flock towards greatness.

In light of this, it would be wise to consider what players from blockchain gaming have the capacity to usher the industry into a new era. Join me in today’s editorial, where we will consider up-and-coming gaming platform Moshnake and the OG of the blockchain gaming Axie Infinity. Let’s dig in.

Moshnake: When Nostalgia Hits Right

Despite being a new kid on the crypto block, Moshnake has gained wide-claimed support from the crypto buffs and the general folk. One of the reasons why it resonated with such a large number of people was because its game mode is derived from the classic Nokia arcade – Snake. Kids from the late 90s were obsessed with this game, similar to how Tamagotchi gripped their parents during the 80s. However, unlike the OG mode, Moshanke offers much more than a simple gaming experience. Let me elaborate.

To deliver an unforgettable adventure, it harnesses the power of what is known as Play-to-Earn (P2E), a novel way that most gamers worldwide are currently embracing. In a nutshell, this mode enables players to earn passive income in real time while enjoying their favourite games around the clock. In the case of Moshnake, it is a multiplayer game where players compete against one another in a Battle Royal format.

To begin playing, one must buy an in-game NFT, which can be purchased with the platform’s native token, MSH, representing an avatar or a type of snake within the game. However, players also need to buy VEN tokens, which would be used as a payment method to enter various tournaments. Everyone has to deposit it to start playing, and the last man standing takes everything. After this, players participating in the game will be ranked based on their performance and rewarded with VEN tokens from the project’s treasury. Moshnake has entered its first presale stage at the time of writing, so be sure to check it out.

To Axie Infinity And Beyond!

Axie Infinity was the first P2E game that gained overwhelming success during the bull run of 2021. Needless to say that at the moment, this is the most profitable blockchain game on the market, which at some point sustained a living income for a large chunk of the Philippines population. The game’s premise is simple: players battle with other players using cute little beasts called Axies, similar to the OG pokemon game.

To enter the game, one needs to have three creatures to play, which can be bought on crypto marketplaces or created using SLP, a special token potion for breeding. Each little beast is unique and has specific traits and characteristics only innate to it. Apart from the SLP token, there is also a governance token, AXS, which can be utilised to influence the future development of Axies’ universe through voting. At the time of writing, the price of AXS lost more than 80% of its peak value in 2021, so if you are looking for a long-term investment, AXS should be on your radar.

Looking Ahead

It is highly unlikely for Axie Infinity to lose its winning position, albeit you can never know something for sure, especially in the rapidly developing world of GameFi. We enter speculative territory here, but it looks like Moshnake could be a successor of this OG blockchain game. Based on the nostalgia appeal and a very straightforward gaming mode, it has all the necessary ingredients to succeed. Considering this, I suggest taking a closer look at Mosnake before it becomes too mainstream.




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