Ugandan Africa Polysack Is A Giant in Polypropylene Manufacturing

Africa Polysack Industries Limited was incorporated in February 1999 and began the rehabilitation of a dilapidated woven polypropylene manufacturing plant in October 2000. Production commenced in August 2001 and Africa Polysack Industries today is the leading manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags and polypropylene rope in Uganda. Recent upgrades include the purchase of machinery from India.


We are a manufacturer of high quality woven polypropylene bags, polypropylene ropes, net bags and roof and construction sheeting.”

Senior Management own strong customer relationships, which include the sugar industry, export / grain suppliers, and agriculture industries, and are competitive on quality and customer responsiveness. The company won the Bronze Export Promotion Award for Uganda in 2005 and Gold in 2007.



Africa Polysack Industries (API), ISO : 9001 – 2000, are manufacturers of High Quality Woven Polypropylene Bags, Polypropylene Braided Ropes,Vegetable Net Bags, Bag Bottoming and Bag Closing Thread, Laminated Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Mattress covers and Construction plastic sheets for roofing and damp proofing.


With an eight (8) year experience of manufacturing operation and more than 350 staff members, we strive to produce high quality products thus supplying Uganda’s ever growing needs. We export to regional markets.


With the refurbishment of our entire manufacturing plant with brand new modern equipment, we have the capacity to manufacture 30 million bags annually.

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