UK’s University of Sussex Invites Me to Speak in UNILAG

UK’s University of Sussex Invites Me to Speak in UNILAG

Do not overlook the day of small beginning. In anything you do, make sure you give your best. By giving your best, you give men and women the opportunities to make a case for your promotion and elevation when you are not there.

I spoke in University of Lagos few weeks ago. Typically, when I visit schools, deans, vice chancellors and HODs typically come. In that UNILAG event, I did not meet many of them.

Immediately, I told my colleagues: we have to do a really good work so that VC would know we came to his school, and possibly in near future, extend an invitation. We like going to schools because the experiences advance our mission.

Today, in a joint letter, the Vice Chancellors of University of Lagos (Prof Oluwatoyin Ogundipe) and Vice Chancellor of University of Sussex (Prof Adam Tickell) invited me to come to speak in a special event the UK university is organizing in UNILAG.

Note this: to advance in anything, do not miss your moments, even when small. If you do well in small moments, men and women would recommend you for bigger ones. Think of the ladder which without the base cannot go high!

Have a great week ahead.


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