Understanding the Dark Web – Insights from INTERPOL

Understanding the Dark Web – Insights from INTERPOL

The Kaspersky Lab has published its annual Mobile Virusology report which among others highlighted the evolution of mobile banking Trojans. To prepare this work, specialist officers from INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation have contributed an analysis of mobile malware on the Dark Web to the report.

According to specialist officers from INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation, who have also contributed to the report, the Dark Web remains an attractive medium for conducting illicit businesses and activities. Given its robust anonymity, low prices and client-oriented strategy, the Dark Web provides a means for criminal actors to communicate and engage in commercial transactions, buying and selling various products and services, including mobile malware kits.

Mobile malware is offered for sale as software packages (e.g. remote access Trojans – RATs), individual solutions and sophisticated tools, like those developed by professional firms or, on a smaller scale, as part of a ‘Bot as a Service’ model.

Mobile malware is also a ‘subject of interest’ on vendor shops, forums and social media.

With the changing dynamics of malware and the cybersecurity ecosystem, citizens and enterprises must ensure they are well informed about the risks of digital platforms and computing systems when they are not well protected. Trade secrets, confidential data and personal information are at risks because the world of dark web hosts all kinds of people that show their arts in the white web.

Make a real efforts to understand the dangers of digital platforms and commit to do all necessary to stay safe.

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