Unemployment in Nigeria – Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Unemployment in Nigeria – Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

By Oladoyin Idris

It is so pathetic each time I see different job seekers going helter-skelter for an invitation that only requires the service of just few hands. These job seekers spend thousands of Naira daily on transportation especially in a highly dense state like Lagos where transport fare hike is ever increasing. The state of the Nigerian economy is not helping matter either; this further buttresses the point why “Job Seekers” should put their destiny in their hands.

As the popular saying goes:  “Your wealth is in your hands”

Recently, I went to connect with an old colleague at a popular outsourcing firm in the Lagos metropolis, what I saw struck my nerve. The army of job seekers trooping in and going out was like a hit back to back.

These sets of graduate cuts across all major disciplines in the universities and as well major grades like First Class, Second Class Upper, and Second Class Lower. I couldn’t help but wept inside, and asked myself this, “Is this the true purpose of our tertiary education?”  Well, my answer is NO; it wasn’t, because I believe education is light.

Oh you Nigerian Graduates, this is the time to wake up from your dreamland as the tide of things has changed. Technology has taken over. Don’t be deceived by your certificate because it’s a means to an end, and not the end itself. Awaking the spirit of “I can do it” in you. Take your destiny into your hands. Face your worst fear and conquer it for good. You aren’t meant to attend universities, paid high tuition fees and afterwards be a slave to jobs whose income can barely feed you for the month.

We have surge of unemployed graduates littering every nooks and crannies of Nigeria right now. This is no joke. In fact, it’s surging daily with new sets of fresh graduates completing the NYSC coming into the already saturated job search market, and guess what? The universities keeps admitting more potential graduates yearly.

Proposed Solution

The major solution to the unemployment chaos bedeviling our country is to look inwards and be REALISTIC about life. We are in the era of Information Technology where you can learn so many high paying skills and be living comfortable with such SKILLS for life. Yes, I repeat for life. A kind of skill that can generate you at least 6 figures monthly.

What skills are they? They are digital skills itemized below:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Market Research Reports Writing
  4. Leads Generation for Companies
  5. Amazon Kindle Book Publishing
  6. Graphic and Book Cover designs
  7. Freelance ghostwriting
  8. Audio Transcription
  9. 3D Animation
  10. Software Design and Mobile App Development

How to Learn About These Hot Skills

Make a research with your internet; make your findings of the skill that you love doing. For instance, I’m great in Copywriting and Market Research report; hence I went for them and learn it through some paid platforms like Alison and Coursera.

If you do not have resources to pay for these sites, you can still learn; go to YouTube and learn as much digital skills as you can. Believe me YouTube has all your answers to digital learning skills. We’re in the internet age where soft digital skills rule the world. Don’t die in servitude all in the name of I’m a “graduate” cliché. The truth is jobs are scarce now! Take your charge of your destiny and build it to your own world. The ball is in your court today.

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One thought on “Unemployment in Nigeria – Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

  1. Nice dissected points.

    The point is, no matter how hard you preach this gospel of revolution. 80% of Nigerian graduates are still bent in the ideology of “get job after school.”

    A fallacy that has ruined more destiny than ever. We pray to wake up to the ever life changing opportunities in the internet.

    Truly, a “Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures.”


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