Unpainted 3D-Printed Zenvus Loci Enclosure

Unpainted 3D-Printed Zenvus Loci Enclosure

Zenvus Loci is now on the journey to market. We have booked key orders even before launch! I am still looking for partners across Africa. Let us know if you are interested. At the moment we are explaining this product only to partners; later, we will explain to the consumers. The pictures are unpainted yet and I am sharing from fab.

In Q2 2019, our business will launch a platform-anchored hardware product, named Loci, engineered for both consumer and enterprise markets. As a company built on partner-first go-to-market strategy, we are looking for partners across Africa.

Our solution will work in the following sectors: security, transportation, logistics, and general mobility. This product is coming out of a real market friction I faced when I visited Nigeria in October 2018. So, we do think many are experiencing the same challenges. Hence, we want to hit the market with a solution, using available proprietary technologies we have already developed in Zenvus.


Zenvus Loci Mini Size


We’re Launching A New Hardware Product (Loci), Distribution Partners Wanted

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