Washington Post Profiles My Precision Agriculture Company

Washington Post Profiles My Precision Agriculture Company

One of the world’s leading newspapers, the Washington Post, did a nice profile of Zenvus, my agriculture technology (agtech) business. They also interviewed me. Besides, they have a great animation which perfectly explains our technology solution. You can read the piece here.

Next month, Zenvus will lead Africa agriculture technology sector as I keynote the Argus Africa Fertilizer 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Leaders from 63 countries would attend. Please contact my team; Zenvus needs to serve farmers in your country or state. We can cure extreme hunger in our generation.

Zenvus is a pioneering precision farming technology company that uses computational algorithm and electronics to transform farms. Zenvus collects soil fertility and crop vegetative health data to deliver precision agriculture at scale. It also uses the aggregated and anonymized data to deliver financial services to farmers.


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8 thoughts on “Washington Post Profiles My Precision Agriculture Company

  1. I’m very happy for you and this wonderful marketing publicity this your technology has garnered,you’ve always been an exceptional wizkid in electronics,and I know it’s a gift from above.
    A lot of things are falling in the right places for you,this exposure,your ability in micro-electronics&versatility,your location can and will catapult your company into global enterprise,which I hope you should be working towards because you have got all the right combinations and ticked all boxes,people who create such companies are not better human beings.
    We are waiting for success stories from your industrial camera export this year.


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