Wasteful Nigeria Plans ICT University in a Country of many Federal Universities of Technology

Wasteful Nigeria Plans ICT University in a Country of many Federal Universities of Technology

Nigeria is never tied of running around circles. The Federal Government says it will establish an Information Communication Technology, ICT, University in the first quarter of 2017.

The Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, disclosed this on Monday in Abuja when he featured at the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, Forum.

“By the grace of God, in the next three to six months, we should have established in Nigeria an ICT university which will be first of its kind in Africa”.

But many Nigerians are not singing and dancing because of this new vision. A commentator named Pat in PM Nigeria notes:

What happen to open University established during Obasanjo administration? I think Open University would achieve its purpose better with ICT enhancement and more access to internet by potential students. ICT university without constant power and affordable internet by common man would be counter productive. Every University in this age need to be ICT compliance. What happen to the NITEL/Mtel that suppose to be the principal telecommunications company in Nigeria and and provide wired telecommunications in the country? We expected that company to succeed without constant electricity coupled with corruption which will be very difficult. How will ICT University of a thing be different?

Another Nigerian notes that government can channel the funds into industrial parks where it can provide power which has stifled the capacities of existing universities, says Fantastic.

I am of opinion that the government should be thinking of how to establish industrial parks and make power plant available in each of them. As it is today we don’t have tyre, leather shoes, phone and car battery manufacturing plants in this country and we are consuming them more than the manufacturers. The government should apply to these industries what Obasanjo & Jonathan did to cement industry. We don’t ICT university but industries to create jobs!

Another commentator captures the true minds of Nigerians when it noted that we already have technical universities and do not need an ICT University

These people don’t have idea of what to do to move this country forward. What of ICT department in all universities? The economy is going down and they are still making effort to increase the cost of governance. Do they have ICT university in USA? They are not bothered about Nigerians that are losing jobs on daily basis in Mtn. I think we should also have electricity or power university, election university, university of rice, cement university and road construction university. They will help us to address all these issues we are having in Nigeria. Jonathan was a clueless president but this is clueless government!

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