Watch Out – @BarackObama Auto Follow To Return in 4 Months in Twitter

The President of the United States has a twitter account with 8,135,221 followers. That is not the news. The news is that Obama is following  697,287. How? Unbelievable that he can have that time to follow simple people like you.

Do not be deceived, Obama has  auto-follow when he was running for election few years ago. It was just plain politics that if you follow him, he returns the love. And when he won, he stopped that. Sounds like politicians? Yes, their phones work 24/7 to the election, and after the D-day they will need time to rest and sleep.


The truth is that if you follow Mr. President now, he will not return the follow.


However, Tekedia thinks within four months, that auto-follow will come, because we will all matter by then. Another election is on the horizon and the President needs one thing that he cares about us – VOTES.


Tekedia does not want to follow Mr. President now because he will not follow us. We will engage him in six months, then he will open up that return the favor love. That is the game and never think that he has time to compete to know what the thrash you are writing. He got important things to do!


The day we decide to follow him, we are sure, he will return that love. And we will celebrate that the US President follows us. What not to like about that? You can even use that for a job interview to demonstrate your popularity.


But if we are lucky through this post  and he follows us, we will dedicate a full day of post Thanking Mr. President. Yes, we will not post anything, but just Thanks Mr. President for following us on Twitter. We are @tekedia and we write about technology and entrepreneurship. We cannot even spell pol t cs very well, but we vote.

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