Ovim Bloggers Day – Ovim Tablet Is Possibly Nigeria’s Fastest Selling Local Brand

Ovim Bloggers Day – Ovim Tablet Is Possibly Nigeria’s Fastest Selling Local Brand

Fasmicro and Microscale will host Nigerian bloggers in Lagos in  August to officially launch Ovim Tablet with them. This will give them the opportunity to ask questions as we build a brand in the nation. The new Ovim Plus arrives next week. Ovim is out of stock in Lagos, but you can still buy Ovim classic in  Owerri. Ovim Plus is available NOW in Lagos and Owerri offices of Fasmicro.

We will communicate  more information on time and date in coming days. If you want to attend this program, please email us or just confirm via twitter @fasmicro. We truly want to have an opportunity to  celebrate this product while seeking an opportunity to promote it.

Ovim is used by many Co-op members of the NNPC. Though statistics is scarce, we think we are the fastest selling local tablet in Nigeria with excess of 800 units. Ovim is also used in the Government House of Abia State. Even in NASENI lab. We have arrangement now to sell to some universities in the Mobility Virtual Classroom project.

New markets are evolving and we are more than confident that we will do well – we do not sell just the hardware, we provide services. The MVC is to enable classrooms to be wired and transformed into a mobile classroom so that any student with the right tool and access can attend lectures right from Ovim tablet. Our first university client is worked out and we see this as a huge opportunity. All the software and connectivity tools are developed in-house by our engineers – the creators of Africa’s 1st Android apps store.

Ovim is a product of Famsicro and Microscale

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