We’ve Invested In Four Startups in Q2 2021 Already

We’ve Invested In Four Startups in Q2 2021 Already

Tekedia Capital has taken small positions in four startups already in Q2 2021. We like them and depending on the data we continue to gather, we will present them (alongside others) before our investors in the next investment round. Typically, we do not present any business we are not invested in, and typically we invest first, risking our capital and using that to have better insights on startups before we move to the big board.

 They are in automotive plus*, financial API, credit with new basis and security systems. I will share about them after  our members have invested in the next round, as I want them to get in, at good valuations. Members, feel free to reach out; we will be happy to share as you plan. Nonetheless, you will get a note on May 24 as scheduled.

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