What Alpha Mead, Sitemark and Tsebo Are Telling Facilities Users, Businesses About Coronavirus

What Alpha Mead, Sitemark and Tsebo Are Telling Facilities Users, Businesses About Coronavirus

As Coronavirus continues taking toll on people and businesses, facilities managers and healthcare professionals remain the dominant categories of workforce need by the people and businesses for life and business continuity. If other workers are working from home, as being done in some countries where the virus is having a significant impact, facilities managers and healthcare professionals cannot do without working in their workplace environment.

Therefore, both the facilities managers and healthcare workers need to inform and share critical information about the use of critical and non-critical facilities at this critical period of global life. In the previous article, we have pinpointed how facilities management companies should respond to the needs of people and businesses as the virus rages countries in every continent.

In the article, we suggest the institutionalisation of demand-side and supply-side strategies by facilities management companies. In what appears as a response to some of the insights in the article, we have discovered Alpha Mead, Sitemark and Tsebo as facilities management companies at the frontline of promotion of coronavirus preventative measures in the built environment.

Alpha Mead, a Nigeria-based Total Real Estate Solution company, has developed steps facilities managers and workers need to follow to avert contracting the virus. As the new cases and deaths are recorded everyday, Alpha Mead wants facilities managers and users to “Set Agenda and Lead the Conversation, Plan Communication, Have a Preventive Action Plan, Procure Relevant Materials, Improve Confidence through your Communications, Prepare and Communicate Emergency Procedure, Employees that have to travel must be well informed, Know and Have the Relevant Contacts on Speed Dial.” These steps align with those provided by the Centre for Disease Control in the United States of America.

Joining Alpha Mead, Sitemark, an independent benchmarking service for the facilities management industry, develops an FM workplace risk assessment tool in response to the virus outbreak, to  minimise the risk of workplace infections. Sitemark has identified site control, cleaning provision, signage and education, building users’ behaviour and contingency plans as core areas facilities managers must pay attention to.

Tsebo, another facilities management solutions provider in Africa, has developed a robust strategic communication plan. According to our check, Tsebo is the only company in Africa that created a special section on its website for containment messages dissemination. The section has news alert, business continuity plans, informative posters, informative videos and important contact information.

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