What Can Migg33 Do For You? Profitable Merchant Distribution System – Anywhere

Do you know Migg33? You better do -Migg33 stands for opportunity in the mobile environment.  It simply provides an opportunity for people to make money through a great and profitable merchant distribution system. This is the world’s biggest Mobile community and offers many opportunities with its 40million users.


Now you will notice that with migg33, you can talk freely with MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, GTalk and AIM messengers besides taking advantage of their cheap call and SMS rates. Visit the merchant section of the site and see what the opportunities are.


From their website…


mig33 is the world’s largest mobile-first community.

It was released in December of 2005 as the first global, mobile community, and has quickly spread around the world. Growing on the strength of user recommendations, and bringing the power of Internet to anyone with a mobile phone, more than 40 million users in over 200 countries have joined the mobile community. mig33 is estimated to be the most downloaded application for mobile phone worldwide.



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