What Embedded Android Can Do In Your Home and Business

To all circuit designers, embedded system Engineers, Android App developers, etc, we want to simply share with you what Android can do today, under the embedded systems platform.


These are products ideas.  You too can make them – join the experts.


Thanks to the all powerful ADK which is engineered for embedded systems.

  • Usb microscope developed with android tablet and a student can observe and send report online to the instructor. Your tablet becomes a display for microscope
  • RFID Android based supermarket inventory control—-using Android tablet to access and monitor inventory
  • Speed monitoring system for road safety——Android tablet interfaced with speed monitoring system
  • Security monitoring system or aid for security personnel—-In which Android tablet will be interfaced with wireless security cameras
  • Fuel or fluid level inventory control —–holding your tablet,you can monitor and control fluid level anywhere in the world
  • Automation and process control —interfacing sensors, relays,speed controllers etc to Android tablet through micro-controller wirelessly


Why not master Android today?

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