What is Nigeria’s “Timber from the King’s Forest”?

What is Nigeria’s “Timber from the King’s Forest”?

His ancestors had dedicated a Temple around 10th century BC to Yahweh. But Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed it around 587 BC during the siege of Jerusalem. He grew up, and rose to become one of the most important men in Persia (in modern Iran): a cup-bearer to Artaxerxes, king of Persia, and later, the king made him a governor of Persian Judea. 

To rebuild the Jerusalem wall, the king gave his permission to use timber from his forest. In the imperial Persia, which had conquered Babylon, commanding the territories with military and economic powers, the king’s timber went with the king’s builders and security.  The wall was rebuilt within 52 days.

Yes, Nehemiah rebuilt the city wall circa 408 BC – the very one that stood in Jerusalem during the time of Christ. Later, Roman Generals Titus and Vespasian destroyed it. I am yet to read of any man that understands foreign policy, diplomacy and large project management better than Nehemiah

If Nehemiah had used any timber that was different from timber from the king’s forest, he would have failed. Understanding the situation in the region, and asking for the king’s timber was the reason he succeeded. You must have the capabilities to decipher the most important component to have a successful project. And you must make sure you have that component.

Simply, any project that received timber supplies from the king’s forest was as good as done. And only the most important projects qualified. As the aides shipped the timber, the guards would follow, making sure that none was wasted. Another set of guards would monitor compliance.

It is the big picture thinking in project management: understand what matters. In Nigeria, what is the “timber from the king’s forest” for us to advance as a people? Yes, what is the most catalytic thing for success? If Nehemiah had asked for money, he could have gotten tons and still failed. But he asked for one thing that no human would ever waste: timber from the king’s forest.  Today, in Nigeria, what is our timber?


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2 thoughts on “What is Nigeria’s “Timber from the King’s Forest”?

  1. Our ‘timber from the king’s forest’ is to have our pure breeds, the noble and untainted, leading us, because having them guarantees support, you won’t have all kinds of people wanting to tear the nation apart; those who distract the land would become supremely insignificant.

    There’s nothing more profound and reassuring than having those who are believable and lovable in charge of the affairs of the land, their mere presence will inspire supports for national aspirations from east, west, north and south.

    Tons of money won’t save Nigeria, restructuring won’t, nothing will, other than having good men and women capable of inspiring their compatriots to dream big, love their country, and defend their common heritage; while fighting for one another.

    You do not need to have everyone in your camp before you can demonstrate uncommon courage and kindness; justice is blind and neutral, but it requires men and women of character to keep it at the centre.

    Get this all important ‘timber from the king’s forest’, and you will see a nation rise to the mountaintop.

    God bless Nigeria!

  2. The ‘timber from the king’s forest’ is synonymous with saving Nigeria tertiary education from gradual, systematic and imminent destruction by the government, academic and non-academic unions.


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