Home Community Insights What Jápa Means for Dúró and Strategic Notes to Members of Jápa Movement

What Jápa Means for Dúró and Strategic Notes to Members of Jápa Movement

What Jápa Means for Dúró and Strategic Notes to Members of Jápa Movement

Nigerians are increasingly relocating to other countries in search of greener pastures. In recent years, relocation has been pursued through study and job applications. According to several reports, weak economic indicators across sectors continue to be significant factors driving young Nigerians out of the country. Many skilled workers have been reported to have left companies in the service, agriculture, construction, and transportation sectors.

Our analyst notes that despite terrible experiences encountered during migration, many young Nigerians continue to consider moving as a means of improving their lives. As mentioned in the previous article, if the Jápa movement is an alternative method of avoiding the effects of the fragile socioeconomic and political system, then its supporters ought to think about assisting those who adhere to Dúró. In Yoruba, Jápa means “to leave a toxic situation,” while Dúró means “to stay despite the consequences or while waiting for the right moment to leave.”

After settling into their new surroundings, Jápa members must prioritize knowledge and skill transfer to members of the Dúró community. This will go a long way toward assisting governments and business leaders in their efforts to close growing skill and knowledge gaps in the services, agriculture, construction, transportation, and other sectors.

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This position is much appreciated when one reflects on a recent report which notes that Nigeria needs to create additional 30 million jobs by 2030 to employ its growing working-age population as it would become the third most populous country in the world, adding another 100 million new people under the age of 35 by 2040. Jobberman has also recently documented that digital sector would create 3 million jobs by 2027.

All of these projections were made without considering whether any Nigerian would prefer Jápa over Dúró, according to our analyst. In other words, the actions of those who considered Jápa could be a blessing for those with the intention of Dúró because they may take into account the spaces that members of the Jápa movement are leaving behind. However, in order to fully capitalize on opportunities that have been missed, members of the Dúró community must skill, reskill, and upskill themselves in all areas.

Various reports, for example, show that thousands of information and communication technology employees are leaving the banking sector. A similar experience can be found in the education sector. This means that members of the Dúró community should investigate these and other sectors. As our analyst stated in one of his previous articles on job hunting, members of the Dúró community should swotising themselves before applying to any company or individual (through cold-call strategy).

Important questions must be asked. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Do your strengths correspond to the job description and specifications, as well as the expected tasks or roles? Are soft skills adequately represented on the resume? The previous piece contains answers to these questions and others.

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