What Yale University Record Campaign Should Teach Africa. Now Music School is Tuition Free

Yale University students and professors are having a good time. Why not? They just raised $3.88 billion in a five year fundraising campaign that ended this June. This is how the war chest happened, based on information Tekedia has gathered.


– ten people donated at least $50 million dollars

– business icon and private equity maestro Stephen Adams and his wife Denise donated $50m each to simply make music school tuition free

-About 2,000 people gave at least $100,000


This is a record campaign number in any university history. We are very sure that Aliko Dangote donates to PDP office construction. We are not sure of any major support to a university in Nigeria. When will that begin to happen across Africa so that our education system will improve.


With this impressive campaign which we think will give the Yale President a huge pay increase, Yale endowment moves up though still below Harvard, the world’s highest at $27.4 billion. Yale is now $16.7 billion, second overall. Recall that Harvard lost badly when the market crashed in 2008. At a time, they were nearly double this present figure.


Meanwhile, if you apply to Yale now for music starting next year, you get tuition free. Tekedia does not think that is a good way to spend $100 from the Adams. But that is their choice. The best music comes from the folks in American Idol and ghettos and not from Ivy League, at least the market says. I know the opera and the sleeping type music is still popular among the people of the Skull and Bones fraternity in Yale.

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