When The Parliament Leaks in Abuja!

When The Parliament Leaks in Abuja!

Nigeria created jobs this week when water found its way into the well-renovated and refurbished National Assembly complex in Abuja; please do not blame the rainfall! If we have 36 of these episodes, we will create temporary jobs for 3,600 people! You see why things are not working: if the high priests can be lost this way, the signals from the antenna of Nigeria’s future are certainly gone.

Yes, if the parliamentarians cannot supervise the quality of work in their offices, how do you expect them to supervise or organize Nigeria? Sure – it is rainfall and bad things happen, even though I will not naturally expect rain to follow the spider into the palace! Do not get me back to the village where proverbs are like the kolanuts upon which words of wisdom are eaten.

Okenye adigh? an? n’?l? nne ewu am?? n’ogb?r? [An elder does not sit at home and watch the she-goat suffer the pain of childbirth tied to a post], says an African proverb. Today, both the elder, goat, rope and post are all tethered. Tufiakwa.


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