Where Eagles Dare! Flying Without Wings at AFCON 2019

Where Eagles Dare! Flying Without Wings at AFCON 2019

By Nnamdi O. Madichie

As at 11 July 2019, there were only four teams left in contention. The first to fourth will be known between them. They are Senegal (Teranga lions), Nigeria (Super Eagles), Algeria (The Foxes) and Tunisia (Carthage Eagles).

The Eagles have taken flight

On Sunday 14 July 2019 the Super Eagles were devoured by the Desert Foxes while the wings of the Carthage Eagles were clipped by the Teranga Lions.

Come Friday 19 July 2019, we could potentially see who wins the battle between the West and North – Africa’s perennial football power blocs.

The Teranga Lions are the only team that have yet to taste AFCON glory in the quartet. The “Super Eagles” have won it three times, while “The Foxes” and the “Carthage Eagles” have each won it once.

All Change Please?

FIFA Football rankings last updated 14 June 2019 places the  Confederation of African Football (French: Confédération Africaine de Football) ranking as follows:

  • Senegal (22)
  • Tunisia (25)
  • Nigeria (45)
  • Algeria (68)

This ranking is bound to change come Friday, 19 July 2019 as the sands shift under the feet of “The Foxes.”

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