Where is Ujuzi? The The App That Help In-Need People Find Resources

Technology is transforming the African continent. In East Africa alone there are excess of 50 million mobile phone subscribers and an increasing number of mobile web users. Across the region, the number of IT graduates and tech entrepreneurs is exploding, providing new opportunities to foster social and economic growth.


From this fascinating environment has emerged some good ideas. We began following one app, Ujuzi, last year in our old blog. But it has disappeared. Does anyone know what has happened to to it? Did it change its name? If you do, let us know. This is the information we have about the app which was presented in the US funded App4africa event last year.


Ujuzi was developed by Ahmed Mohamed Maawy as a mobile resource locator application aimed at helping low-income populations living in poor areas worldwide to locate useful resources like organizations, services, assets, and personnel in their region. This free service has huge potential because it takes readily available information and creatively provides it in a useful, easy-to-access way.

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