Let Us Connect in Lagos Next Month; Speaking with International Press

Let Us Connect in Lagos Next Month; Speaking with International Press

I will be speaking to international press including BBC during the Business Analytics Conference next month in Lagos which I will keynote. As I make it into Lagos for this event, I also want to meet the young people who have signed-on for the Tekedia Business Innovation Webinar. I have asked my colleagues in our business to tell you where we can all meet.

Join me for Tekedia Business Innovation Webinar on Friday March 22, 2019 (repeat, Saturday March 23, 2019). For $15 (or N5,000), you attend and also get access to the exclusive parts of Tekedia.com, reading my book – Africa’s Sankofa Innovation.

Certainly, when I was getting into the job market in early 2000s as a university graduate, things were simply better. Banks did mass interviews weekly that some people had multiple job offers within weeks of graduations. But things have changed since then.

Yet, our governments are working. I am confident everyone understands that Nigeria missed golden opportunities in 1960 to build a solid foundation for sustained prosperity of our nation.

Nonetheless, do not lose hope – there is abundance in the future. It is my desire to meet many of you when I make it into town.  In the midst of these paralyses, Nigeria remains a huge promise:  that is why I am always here sometimes two times in a month from America.

THEME:     Big Data, Analytics and African Development
VENUE:     Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria
DATE:       March 5th – 6th, 2019


Why Nigeria Is The Best Place To INVEST

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1. Comment. Whether Nigeria missed golden opportunities in 60s or not, it’s now immaterial. Of course we can comfortably blame those before us for messing up, but if we do not do anything significant now, in 40 years to come, our own “messing up” would be bigger.

There was no internet in the 60s, and there were fewer graduates then, so while we blame our fathers and grandfathers, our own blame is piling up. It is not enough to excel at individual level, but in our old age, if you cannot point where you contributed towards a better Nigeria and Africa, then be ready to tell your children and grandchildren what you did with your time; and do not tell them lies.

If you blame your father and grandfather for not making enough money, to prepare a better future for you, just ensure that you build empires before exiting; else do not expect even a paragraph to be written for you, on the good side of history.

2. Question: Definitely I agree with you that Nigeria remains a huge promise. Thank you for also pointing out how a bit easy it was for you long ago when you started your career, but it’s not an excuse for young people like us, we still have to push, we have to make a better living and one day be in your position to talk to people, I take my time to go through great people’s (eg you) profile on LinkedIn and I don’t forget to check their graduation year and how they have gradually climbed the success ladder. In as much as Nigeria missed a golden opportunity, it doesn’t stop we young youths to strive and also.make a difference. I will definitely love to meet you…. I gain alot from your post.

My Response: You are already inspiring many – Nigeria admires your courage, excellence and vision. Largely, there is never a better time to plant a corn than now. The fact is this: in my time, we did think those before had it easier. So, that is human nature. Charles Darwin traced it to the “quest” to survive. But yet, things are getting better yearly. In my time, there was no opportunity for a 2-year college grad to receive funding from venture capitalists from U.S. Today, Lagos has $millionaires who are less than 30 years old! The future is always better.


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  1. Prof, Good evening sir.

    I would love to attend but I am in the east. You know what it means travelling from east to Lagos for the seminar.

    Can I pay and get an e-copy of all that would transpire during the webinar?


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