Winner of RHoK2 – Virtual Assembly Point

As  RHoK3 approaches, we want to remind our users about the winner of the last one – Virtual Assembly Point (VAP).


Virtual Assembly Point (VAP) is a Crisis Management System for Disaster Emergency Response Departments. Its main goal is to providing ground information about the victims to the Emergency Response Team even before they get to the crisis location. With the information that the application will provide the rescue crew will be able to get manifestos of most if not all victims, sort people according to their needs, set different priorities and plan for and manage their resources properly. From VAP you can also trace involved people and do a follow up on victims if you are family or friend. In a nut-shell VAP is meant to automate all processes done from a physical/normal assembly point and more. It uses different available technologies to gather data and an elaborate dashboard to manage the data.


RHoK organizes hackathons—intensive hacking competitions events with multiple global locations bringing together developers from all over the world to hack on real-­world problems. At every RHoK hackathon, the problem definitions are shared with the RHoK community, and the developers work their hacking magic to create open source software solutions that respond to those problems, make the world a safer place and save lives.

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