With Extramil, More Nigerians Are Touching Lives. Spare Few Hours, You Could Change Your Community


Extramil.es was launched at Garage 48, Lagos – a startup competition sponsored by Nokia, Blackberry and several other technology heavyweights. Extramil makes it easier and more convenient for professionals and corporations to meet needs in their local communities. It is referral based and secure, helping progressive minded people find the right areas to touch peoples lives.


Extramil.es basically helps  “heling of other individuals” more effective. Extramiles will help you to sign up as an volunteer and donate your time for volunteer work. And they got a money part of this. This is done and monetized through enterprize service – corporates have to pay, advertisement and donations.


Team members: David Agogo, Peter Ukonu, Femi Según ,Obinna Ukpabi, Udom Etufok

URL: extramil.es

Twitter: @Extramil.es

Facebook: Extramiles



Free Volunteering Service (Referral based)
Premium Enterprise Service for Corporations
Volunteer Tourism (Volontourism)
Community Based Events Organising
Media & Publicity


With Extramil.es, if you have only an hour to spare from your schedule on a specific day, you can be part of big projects and meet requests of Public Schools & Colleges, Community & Youth Organizations in your neighborhood.

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