Yahoo Has Abandoned Service – Could Be In Danger

It is very obvious that Yahoo has stopped serving its customers towards becoming a leader in its business. As late as 8pm yesterday, Yahoo was still reminding us how the stock market will perform at the opening hours. No one is updating the news that shows up when you login into your email. The same top news has been there for hours now and no one cares in Yahoo!


Yahoo, you better get serious. Otherwise, you will be bought over by another company, for cheap. Get serious and show service and stop showing us news after it has passed by more than 12 hours. Even if you have abandoned service, you could still try to serve customers so that you can be valued much better.


The fifth news item on the email welcome page is due for change. The sames applies to what Mr. Gates said. You need to do better. We have noticed this static update for weeks now and just have to inform you to get back in the game. You allow the news to stay there for longer than necessary.

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