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Yahoo Mail Is Down Most of Today – Too Bad

We are experiencing a major problem. Yahoo Email is down on some of our personal accounts. Are you feeling this? What is the solution? It has been down for more than 3 hours? Is Yahoo going bankrupt? What is the problem. Any idea?


This guy captured the feeling better.


While most folks have migrated to Gmail and forgotten about Yahoo! Mail, I’m pretty sure quite a number of users that haven’t made the switch are feeling quite frustrated right now. The US’ largest web portal’s email service has been reported to be down for a large number of users. Just search Twitter for “Yahoo Mail down” and you should see the number of complaints posted. It is uncertain what went wrong, but most people suspect it has something to do with the new Yahoo! Mail Beta rollout – as most of the users unable to login are part of the Beta testing group.


But it appears that not everybody is affected – even some Beta users have stated that their Yahoo! Mail accounts working fine, so nobody knows for sure what the root of the problem is. Yahoo! has issued a statement concerning the downtime, but they didn’t mention what the problem is either – just that they’re working hard to get it fixed.


Yahoo mail is currently inaccessible to some users. We are working to correct the issue and restore all functionality immediately. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience and we apologize to our users who might be affected.


How many of you are having trouble accessing your Yahoo! Mail today? Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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