Yahoo Mail Shows Signs Of Aging Today – Scheduled Maintenance Is Too Frequent

It is very obvious that Yahoo Mail is aging. The way Yahoo is running it shows that they are making that process faster and quicker. At around 10.45am Boston time, it was unavailable with the information that it was up for maintenance. We hope they fix it.
For most of us that use Yahoo Mail, have you noticed the news feeds you get when you log into your account. Most times, the news is a month ago old. You may be surprised to be reading that Obama has been elected President. The update is too slow and the database does not refresh as required. Hope they will fix that in this maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance

We are undertaking some essential, but extensive maintenance to improve Yahoo! Mail. During the maintenance period, some users may experience problems accessing Yahoo! Mail.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Your account is in great shape and we are working to have it available again as quickly as possible.
Yahoo! Mail Team

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