You May Need This Free Event – DDS in a Nutshell: Software Architecture for Scalable Integration


Data Distribution Service (DDS) is an industry-standard publish-subscribe data bus that can be distributed logically or physically across local processor cores, backplane buses, or networks, making it well suited for today’s multicore, bladed, and/or cloud computing platform solutions. DDS also provides network interoperability, code portability, and increased system capability while decreasing hardware requirements and lifecycle costs.

Is it a good fit for your application? Join us as Real-Time Innovations (RTI) presents a technical overview of DDS and how it can be used in various distributed messaging and database environments. RTI will also show how DDS provides lower overhead and higher availability for distributed applications.


Rick Warren- Director of Technology Solutions at Real-Time Innovations (RTI)


Chris Ciufo- Editorial Director- OpenSystems Media


June 14, 2011 7:00 PM Lagos Time

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We think that this event will help people in Africa that are looking at implementing DDS especially when they are working to understand the interface between the hardware and software issues associated with this technology. DDS has become popular and it will surely be useful if we begin to understand how it can be used across platforms, more efficiently. As  Real-time Systems, DDS has evolved to become a specification of a publish/subscribe middleware for distributed systems created in response to the need to standardize a data-centric publish-subscribe programming model. Of course, it may take a while to get there, but this has an opportunity. If you can make this free online event, attend it.

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