You Too Can Contest to Become Lagos State eGovernor in Green Lagos Virtual State

Greenlagos is the home of the New Lagos on the internet. It is completely green by design and content.


Wondering about the new things happening in Lagos? Here is the right place for you to stay intouch. We have created this platform for you to relate with your fellow Lagosians, take a virtual tour of the new lagos, Connect and stay in touch, Share photos and make your impact be felt in the state (with e-governor, MyHood, Lagosians Speak).


Interestingly, they have their own governor – the eGovernor which is an initiative for their  members to perform democratic process, as a member of this site, you can contest to become an eGovernor or vote for one. The e-Governor, performs virtual but impactful executive duties by reviewing and collating what people are saying and what they want to communicate with the government. He is also privileged to select a project he/she want to use to benefit the community.


About Green Lagos is conceived to portray the good happening in Lagos State to the world. It comes about at a time when Lagos is going through a rebirth, and as a citizen of the state, we believe we can accelerate this growth by providing you with information you can use about Lagos. This platform is comprehensive social community, hence we call it a “Virtual State”.

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