Yougora is a Mini Search Engine for Products

Yougora seeks to help you buy the stuff you want when you want it in the convenience of your home. With Yougora buying is just three words; BROWSE, PAY & ENJOY. You can get event tickets, mobile talk time, groceries, stationery, confectionery, personal effects, home appliances, phones and accessories and even pay your utility bills… etc.


Just so you know, the folks at Yougora say “some addiction is good.”.


What you can search in Yougora


  • Search for products from a wide variety
  • Bargain with merchants for reduced prices (if available)
  • Add the product to your cart for checkout
  • Pay with different payment options including paypal
  • Layaway the product for pickup later or
  • Deliver to your doorstep (done within 24 hours)
  • Get the latest price slash in town via email or sms
  • Connect with friends and view what your friends are buying
  • With dozens of extra necessary features

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