Young People, Skills, and Jobs of the Future

Young People, Skills, and Jobs of the Future

Few months ago, I was searching YouTube to download some videos on how to speak in front of a camera, I wanted to begin to make live videos but I found it very difficult.

I was always stuttering, forgetting the script, hating how I looked in the video and also my voice sounded terrible. As usual, I visited YouTube to download a couple of videos on “How To Gain Confidence on Camera”.

I found the videos I was searching for and I found out something that also changed my perception towards a lot of statements we make generally as youths or even adults.

Guess what I discovered on YouTube, someone else made videos on how to set up a camera, someone else made a video on how to use proper lighting in a room.

Another person made videos on best cameras to use and how to get the cheapest with the best quality. I was awestruck. I mean just from one problem I had which was “How to be Confident in Front of a Camera”, I had seen different other jobs emerge.

Isn’t that amazing?

I never knew that after I gained confidence that I would as well need to consider the lighting position and how to go about it. But someone had already figured that I would face that problem so offered the assistance through the videos. That’s her profession already.

She has a job! She’s self employed! Did she wait for the government to give her a job?


Mind you, if we count the different professions already created, we’d have like four and all of them would definitely have their customers.

They identified a problem and offered a solution. They just used their common sense. Fine common sense isn’t common these days. Matter of fact, it is very scarce.

Firstly, if there is unemployment in a nation, we should face the government first. Especially when the numbers are high. The government deserves a good amount of the blame.

Now that we’re done blaming the government, should we all just crawl back to the corner of our rooms where we all hold our phones to throw blames.

NEVER!!! Not this time.

It is time to question every youth who at least is educated to an extent especially graduates (the lazy ones) who are fond of hiding behind the cloak of the government incapability to shield your lack of readiness to get yourself out of your problem.

I hear statements like “This country is hard, everything is built to make you fail”

Funny enough, some of those who make such statements haven’t started anything, they act on hearsay. Not that I am I saying all those are not true? They are!! But do I join the party of people who sit with arms akimbo? Never!!

From the example I gave, someone already has made a profession out of the problem of lack of confidence in front of a camera. She had identified the problem and discovered she could make money from it.

Immediately she started, another guy saw an opportunity. If people would make videos, wouldn’t they need to consider lighting and all?

Why don’t I fix that problem? And on like that. Should we all wait for the government to give us jobs? I don’t think we all should do.

How do you identify a need?

It’s not wrong to complain. However, as a youth, you could still do some things that would earn you money, make an impact and all.

I have spoken about my experience on how I wanted to watch videos on YouTube on how to be confident in front of a camera and stumbled upon several other videos. I saw videos on how to set up a camera, how to make proper lighting and all, the best cameras to use and all.

Now what happened was that a simple problem led to a lot of job opportunities for many because they all identified a need.

If someone would want to purchase a camera, he or she would definitely need to know how to be confident, he would definitely need to consider the type of camera to purchase, he would definitely need to know the proper angle for lighting.

Those are needs.

I told a friend a few weeks ago, he is a graphic designer and he complained about not getting jobs and also not even having a laptop to hone his skills.

I simply told him, when it is Saturday, wear a shirt and tuck it in your trouser. Wear a nice shoe, take your student I D card with you and head towards any estate around you.

There are wealthy and influential people in estates. Knock on each door, present yourself as a student. Ask them if they have small businesses or a church or a company.

Offer to make logos for them for free or at an affordable rate. Show them the works you’ve done on your phone.

That is identifying a need. Who knows if they have been seeking a graphic designer for that long, and not know whom to meet. Does your street have issues with a location to fill the gas?

Where is the nearest Gas Station? Do they all have gas in the street? How convenient is it for them? What if you provided a solution to that?

What about teaching the children in the street a particular subject? Do they suck at that subject? There are thousands of needs arising daily ghat could as well create jobs for thousands of youths.

What need have you identified?

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One thought on “Young People, Skills, and Jobs of the Future

  1. Sincerely speaking, it takes a multidimensional mind to think that way. Wealth comes as a function of solutions you are able to provide. Providing a solution is also hinged on what you know.

    As you rightly mentioned, we have youths who only carry phones and laptops for entertainment and social media flauntings,forgetting that same gadgets are cynosure of knowledge and career advancement if well utilized.

    Problem identification helps one create a nitch which in turn generates reward in form of gainful employment. You just contributed your quota in opening the eyes of many to think out of the box.


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