Your Choice – a broom, an umbrella or humans!

Your Choice – a broom, an umbrella or humans!

You are lost in a forest and you need directions to return home, one zen-master appears, and offers you three choices: a broom, an umbrella and a human. Which one would you choose? Good luck on finding your way back to home of prosperity, abundance, good health, and wisdom!

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Comment 1: Trying something different is always difficult for a lot of people, even when they complain to you about their present predicament and misery, rather they keep creating more excuses on why they need to stick with what is not unfavourable to them, for the fear of unknown.

The question remains, what do you really stand to lose for trying something different? At least no one will accuse you of lacking effort and ambition, and you will be at peace with your soul, because it was a choice made with good intentions.

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We are already in trouble, and it’s not clear when those who create troubles become solution providers, else their original intent for creating troubles will need to be examined. It’s POssible, never doubt yourself. Humans make things happen, umbrellas and brooms don’t.

Comment #2: 14years ago, I was in a related situation. The bus I was travelling in, broke down in the middle of no where. The driver went for a mechanic and that was when the indefinite wait began.

Firstly, the spot we were, had no phone network, so we couldn’t call. Secondly, the day was maturing unemotionally and we had 6hours or more to our final destination. Thirdly, the clouds gathered and it began to rain.

I reasoned that though the bus provided shelter from the rain(Umbrella), the night was coming when being in that bus without moving will become dangerous and uncertain.

To the surprise of others, I got down in the heavy rain, and started flagging down vehicles indiscriminately with only one goal in mind, “I must leave this place before night fall”.

Drenched, shivering but undeterred and soon a Sienna stopped. I explained my plight to its occupants and they asked me to bring my luggage from the bus, the rest is history.

I don’t know what became of those under the umbrella and even a good broom in that situation was useless.

Dear Nigerians, the promise of following people moving to a Common Destination????? supercedes those who promise Comfort? and cleanliness?, yet remain in stagnation.
Be like me, For No Risk No Results.?

Comment 3: Unless the broom and the umbrella are magical tools of which effectiveness may not be 100% guaranteed as it is currently. So, it is wise to consult with the humans. However, the humans need the fourth force which is God to intervene to assist because the umbrella and the broom are evil spirit in the forest. Good luck everyone.

Comment 4: Sir, still wondering making your platform for one-sided political sojourn; failing to realise that this platform is open to different opinions.

We only know this your platform for knowledge.

But, be ready to get it raw opposing opinion and don’t take offense…

I don’t think this is a familiar path for you, sir!
Your illustration is opeque, don’t you think we need to consider if the “human” has substance, capacity, capability, verifiable evidence of good governance, structure?

My response to comment 4: “Sir, still wondering making your platform for one-sided political sojourn;” – your comment explains how low Nigeria has gone.  People find problems where there are none? If you read this as one-sided, it is your fault, not English language’s fault. Your comment is totally lost because it has no reality to this post. What is one-sided about asking people to choose among 3 parties?

Comment 4 author adds: Ndubuisi Ekekwe, sir, I ve been following your posts on this matter, which I said it is an unknown path: political opinion.

On this path,sir, I think you ve to develop stick skin for opposing views,and give more superior argument,as we know you for. I respect you when it comes to enterpreneurship knowledge.

Sir always Check out those comments in favour of your opinion, which u Amy not find offensive, there u see it review how people view your comments.

Don’t forget pastor Poju just pull down a post, that attracted negative/positive comments,but does the comments drop anybody name? Sir, is this English language fault?

Sir, re-read my posts,u only reply to a part of my comments, leaving the rest observations?

Again, I only know your platform, for knowledge,but I must confess, this path take note of the comments in favour of ur political posts,and be mindful that this is a electioneering period, anybody can read meaning to your posts…nobody is looking for problem where there is none…pastor Poju is a case study.

My follow up Response: This post if it attracts negative comments or makes people feel bad, it is not my fault. We all went to secondary school where we learnt satires, figures of speech, etc. If we live in a society where we cannot use party symbols to open a debate, that is a problem. What is one-sided, you have not explained. Your mindset is that I am favouring humans. But when you do think deeper, you can make a point that favors brooms or umbrellas. Some have argued for a broom, umbrella, excellently here. That is what knowledge is about. 

This issue of being offended by anything is our problem in Nigeria.  You write that GDP is down, Nurudeen will say that I am attacking Buhari. I ask people to choose between parties, Ola says I am one-sided. I write that EU is biased on coal policy, and someone tells me that the EU will not give me a visa. What is life if we live that way?

A community member response to Comment 4: Even if it is one sided, what is wrong with that? You enjoy his platform for brilliant takes on business, science, investment, etc but because he seems to have given an opinion on politics, the most critical issue at this time, you think the brilliant Prof is no longer brilliant. Simply because it doesn’t align with your own thinking.

Sorry to say that you don’t belong on Prof’s platform if this is how myopic your thinking is.

You even have the temerity to say: “I don’t think this is a familiar path for you sir!”. It means you have not been reading Prof’s posts with the required level of understanding.

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