Yrn.me, The URL Shortener, Created By Nigerian Ahmad Mukoshy Is As Good As The Best


Yrn.me is a mini URL-Shortener. It can shorten up to 2,000 character length of a web address to merely 20 characters just like the major brand bit.ly. This is for users looking to generate shorter or more user-friendly URLs from long ones.


Try it with a long url.

  • Enter your long url . http://www.igi-global.com/authorseditors/authoreditorresources/callforbookchapters/callforchapterdetails.aspx?CallForContentId=a0f960f0-7272-4e1e-9b3a-0e0c4ca0661c
  • Fill in the anti-spam captcha question
  • Click ‘Shorten’ to get the shortened URL: http://yrn.me/a05uy
This tool was developed by Tekedia interviewee, Ahmad Mukoshy
Designed and Developed by Ahmad Mukoshy; from the beautiful streets of Nigeria. Good people, Great nation!.

For third-party users, the yrn.me provides an API to help you make the tool go further in your works.

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