Zenvus API Goes To Improve Soil Water Holding Capacity

Zenvus API Goes To Improve Soil Water Holding Capacity

Today, we entered a major relationship with one of the largest players in Nigerian agriculture. He has used one technology which makes it possible for the soil to hold up to 80% of water bodies that pass through it. It is a soil water trap which traps water, making sure crops have just enough they need for normal growth. The founder of this business is a business legend with a great vision on how to fix some of the major challenges associated with climate change in agriculture.

I am happy to share that Zenvus API will help in not just managing everything in the farms but also anchor the company’s initiative to invest in thousands of farmers through input support and produce purchase relationship. We work with farmers and this company is providing a top-grade support to farmers. In coming weeks, I will share more after the details have been harmonized. The strategy is to work through farming cooperatives across Nigeria. Please if you have a cooperative of at least 1,000 farmers, contact our team immediately for details.

Our Zenvus Services helps institutions work with farmers at scale.

Using the Zenvus Services, we do the following for institutions who work with farmers:

  • Offer a leading platform through zCapital. If you want to run insurance, we provide zInsure. These services reduce frictions in supporting farmers through legendary transparency and process improvement.
  • Map the boundaries of the farms to capture all farms which are going to be part of the initiative. Zenvus Boundary handles that.
  • Get farmers to record their farming activities via
  • Return back to the farms to buy from farmers. You might have given the inputs to be paid back with farm produce – Zenvus Services will help you on that. You can use enterprise zPrices to track prices of commodities as you buy from farmers, making sure there is no price asymmetry.
  • Guarantee farm to factory via Kobo partnership coordinated locally by zMarkets

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