Zenvus >> Farmers Wanted

Zenvus >> Farmers Wanted

A customer has a special need: longer Zenvus to deal with the specific conditions in the terrain. Doing that would involve few re-calibrations requiring updated models in the Zenvus engine. Few hours ago, we sent a note “Chairman, everything required has been achieved and more”.

Zenvus is a pioneering precision farming technology company that uses computational algorithm and electronics to transform farms. Zenvus collects soil fertility and crop vegetative health data to deliver precision agriculture at scale. It then uses the aggregated and anonymized data to deliver financial services to farmers.

In our lab, we are moving into customization of technologies by co-creating with our major clients. Our APIs are engineered to meet you at that specific point of friction, delivering solutions beyond needs, expectations but perceptions with catalytic impacts where farmers become businesspeople.

Zenvus >> Farmers Wanted


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