Zenvus Loci Begins Qualifying Distribution Partners; Still Accepting Applications

Zenvus Loci Begins Qualifying Distribution Partners; Still Accepting Applications

If you applied to become a Zenvus Loci distribution partner, our team will be reaching to you this week. You will receive a document on Zenvus Loci with Loci Mini and Loci Max versions. We continue to welcome new applications (click here if interested). Loci is an IoT device.

You must have the capacity to place a minimum of $10,000 worth of Loci order. We are a partner-driven business which means we depend on partners to sell our products while we focus on engineering and production. In our hardware business, we have no sales/marketing department (provided you remove the guy named LinkedIn who runs our Marketing!).  Also, a one-time partner fee applies.

As a distribution partner, we will share revenue on hardware as well as the associated revenue from subscription (for a limited time). But you would use your resources to invest in developing your local market. As a partner-driven company, we are looking for companies with capacity to advance our missions in territories across the continent. So, we suggest, if your scale is small, team up with others as you send your applications. We are always generous on our commissions to partners.

I look forward to signing the partner agreements on Loci with your firm.

Zenvus Loci Concept Designs As We Move Into Production

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