Zoom Mobile Should Merge With Visafone in Nigeria

We think that Zoom Mobile and Visafone should merge in Nigeria. These two companies are very innovative but their subscriber numbers are not great. They could end up becoming regional carriers, though Visafone had acquired Multilinks.  The acquisition is not going to make Visafone to become a huge national carrier. They need to come together and consolidate – that way they can easily challenge the behemoths of MTN and Airtel.


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ZOOMmobile was incorporated on August 25, 1998, as Reliance Telecommunications Limited (Reltel Wireless), taking advantage of the deregulation of the sector by the then Federal Government of Nigeria.  The company obtained a National Licence subsequently to provide fixed wireless telephone Services in Nigeria.



Nortel Networks of USA deployed the first state-of-the-art Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) equipment operating on 1900 MHz frequency. Full commercial operations commenced in Nigeria in November 2001.


With the expiration of exclusive mobility period enjoyed by the GSM operators, Zoom Mobile successfully applied for the Unified Access Service License, enabling it to provide full roaming services in all its areas of coverage.



The ZOOMmobile person is a skilled professional who is knowledgeable about his/her area of specialization. A consultant in his/her own right. The ZOOmmobile person is dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges faced by his/her subscriber anytime, anyday and anywhere ensuring the subscriber uses our’ products & services always with a pleasing experience.


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Voted The Best ICT Company and Best Telecom Brand in Nigeria for 2008, Visafone Communications Ltd (hereinafter to be referred to as Visafone or “the Company) was born out of the strategic acquisition of 3 CDMA mobile network operators that had been in operation for up to 8 years with 30,000 subscribers and coverage in different parts of Nigeria.


The company, which was incorporated in Nigeria on June 20, 2007 following the acquisition of Cellcom received its Unified Access Service Licence as a telecom operator from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on August 1, 2007 positioned it to offer mobile, fixed and any other telecommunications service to its subscribers.


Visafone, in the intervening yawn of time, amassed over 3 million subscribers after 16 months of operation and crossed the 1million subscriber mark in just 6 months from its launch in February 2008. Thus, recording an unprecedented industry milestone as the fastest growing mobile company in Nigeria since the earliest it took a Nigerian based GSM company to hit 1 million was 9 months.

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