10 Common Sports Betting Myths Detected

10 Common Sports Betting Myths Detected

Making bets on sports events online is an exciting and often profitable leisure activity, which entices many people to join the ranks of avid bettors. However, due to the ambiguous nature of virtual gambling, it often becomes overgrown with myths that can actually mess with the average punter’s mind. And whether you want to try out football betting in Tanzania, or start placing bids on tennis in the UK, it is better to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. To help you distinguish truth from fiction, here are ten common sports betting myths detected.

#1 You can’t always win at betting.

It would seem too good to be true, right? It is, perhaps, the most common myth, making bettors – especially beginners – to plunge into despair. Of course, every gambler knows well that gambling comes with certain risks of losing money, and they do, indeed, lose a certain percentage of their bankroll. But on the truth side, betting is far more complicated than gambling at any web-based casino, since it depends not only on sheer luck of a bettor but on several external aspects as well.

#2 Sportsbooks are all frauds.

Some unfortunate punters tend to believe that every event presented at any Internet-based bookie is fixed or somehow manipulated by the administration of the betting resource. Such a conclusion often comes from upset bettors experiencing a long period of gambling failures. But the truth lies in the fact that online betting shops gain unimaginable profit even without any need to fix games. All they want is the amount of money placed as a bet on each event to increase continually.

#3 Bigger bankroll = higher benefits.

A considerable bankroll always seems to give an imaginary sense of protection to the gamblers, as they feel almighty being able to make a stake of 1,000 dollars without flinching on any match with lower odds. Undoubtedly, such a bet would fetch them some money, but no big wins for sure. So, the truth is, it still is advised to manage your bankroll correctly and place bids only with a cool head if you don’t want to go bankrupt.

#4 Bookmakers know better.

The inexperienced punters and even some of the sophisticated bettors tend to see virtual sportsbooks as know-it-alls that never make mistakes. Players seem to believe that all betting platforms possess exclusive information on all current and future events and know exactly whether this or that bet will be confirmed. In reality, bookies are managed by people, and people are not immune to errors. Sports bidding portals might have more extensive experience and better software, but smart and attentive punters can certainly beat them.

#5 Always listen to tipsters.

Tipsters, also known as privateers, are people possessing specific knowledge and analytical skills, which often calculate predictions for the web-based bookies. Undoubtedly, reputable tipsters either have the appropriate education or spend a lot of time observing and analyzing every bit of numerous sporting events. However, only a small number of privateers can show off decent skills and accurate knowledge, while the majority of them are just other passionate bettors.

#6 Popular stakes rarely win.

Players tend to think that if a specific result of a match reaps off a lot of money, the chances of its confirmation decrease. Such a conspiracy is added to the one about sportsbooks fixing events to their advantage. Yet, the truth is, in the overwhelming number of games held weekly, the favorites win.

#7 It is impossible to profit from high odds.

You must be joking if you think that you will beat the betting shop by placing bids on such high odds as 5.00 and even higher! Unless, of course, you are a billionaire, and you are ready to lose a dozen stakes in a row. On the truth side, making money on high-odds gambling is no easier than betting on low odds, and you can win/lose in both cases.

#8 Virtual bookies will suspend your account for frequent wins.  

Internet-based bookmakers are very greedy, that is why they hate winners, fetching money from them. If they find out that you’ve become lucky way too often, they will ban you from the platform with a pathetic excuse. Surely, no one likes to lose money, but decent online sportsbooks neither ban nor limit their winners because of their success and luck. On the other hand, cheating can be a serious reason for your account to be suspended forever.

#9 Game’s outcome is harder to predict than total goals.

According to avid bettors, when selecting a club to win, your odds stand at around 34%, while an Over/Under bid formally offers 50% chances of winning. Yes, betting is somewhat connected to math, but in reality, betting doesn’t always follow scientific rules. To benefit from sports bidding, do only one thing: search for the odds surpassing the probable winning chances.

#10 Late goals ruin everything for you.

The last prevalent myth concerns gamblers complaining about losing because of a late goal. And. It happens. Every. Time. It almost seems that Lady Luck holds something against this type of bets, but in reality, it’s not so bad. Moreover, you have won because of a late goal. And you will continue to win if you stop placing stakes on outsiders and make bets with odds less than 2.5 on the frequently winning teams.

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