100% Positive Rating from my Innovation Workshop Participants

100% Positive Rating from my Innovation Workshop Participants

It is always challenging to get 100% workshop rating when you have many sector participants in one room. How do you create a balance to ensure the banker, insurer, techie, trader, etc is getting value? Over the years, I have mastered that art. Yes, the art of delivering workshops with no dull moment. It comes down to capabilities.

I ran an open workshop (not the private ones, here anyone could attend) on Friday and have waited for the feedbacks from the participants. Good people, the feedback is 100% super-excellent.

Oh yes, I got a new title “Prof of Business Frictions”. Sure – I do not see any business if that enterprise does not have clear frictions to fix. We examine the capabilities and the best ways to fix them. In public and private workshops, we bring uncommon frameworks which we develop, first apply in our companies, to elevate the Mission of our partners. This has worked for banks, techs, insurers, governments, startups, etc.

Thank you everyone for the moment.

Sample Comment

This is a LinkedIn comment on the Innovation Workshop which I ran last week during Disruptive Africa.


It was a privilege to be under the tutelage of the best brain in sub Sahara Africa in Innovation. I call him Prof. of Frictions Ndubuisi Ekekwe because he is well grounded and an expert in the subject matter.

Weldone Disruptive Africa Expo/ExhibitionDavid Alozie for putting this together. To all participants, it was great meeting you all, the interactions, discussions and networking was worthwhile. Let keep in touch for ideation of great innovation hubs in our different sectors in the economy.

Thank you ? all. It was worth every second

I added this comment-share after the above

Thank you John Paul Emechebe and all our fellow citizens who came for the Innovation Workshop. The feedback has been completely positive.

Let us apply the principles, fix market frictions and experience glory in whatever we do. In short, I am changing my flight back to U.S. because many are asking for moments to understand the elemental components of business.

To all the participants, you are in. Our frameworks and perspectives are new because we first apply them in our own companies before talking about them.

Thank you all and happy Independence.

An email from an attendee

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One thought on “100% Positive Rating from my Innovation Workshop Participants

  1. Thank you Prof. LinkedIn has been interesting since the day I came across your post and has never looked bank.
    I would really love to attend any of such workshops you organize. Could you inform me when the next one will be taking place please?

    Welldone bro.


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