2.0 – How to Connect with Parental Blessings

2.0 – How to Connect with Parental Blessings

How to access parental blessings

Having known what parental blessings are, how then do you access them? For some people, it could be easy for them to access these blessings because their biological parents are still alive and are readily reached. Some will find it tough to access the blessings since they do not have fine relations with their parents. You can access your parental blessings by loving your parents and appreciating them. You need to do things, tangible and intangible for them, and live a lifestyle that will make your parents be proud of you.  You cannot have parental blessings if the people who have parental authority over you are sad with you. Below are the keys you can use to unlock your parental blessings.


One way to unlock this kind of blessing is by giving gifts to your parents or guardians. These can be anything that you identify they need and will be glad about. There is no boundary to the gifts you should give them. You know them much better than anyone out there. Choose the gift and hand it over to them in person so that you can perceive the joy in their face and wait for the words of gratitude and blessings from them. Don’t wait for special events like Christmas, birthdays, Easter, etc. Every time is appropriate to access your parental blessings. Hence, you should make it a regular habit to do in a whole-hearted manner. These wonderful gifts can help greatly to unlock the hidden treasures locked inside your parents for you. 

Acts of kindness

To access parental blessings, you can also do something for your parents like cooking for them or cleaning, these will make them happy. There is no limit regarding the ways you should help your parents despite not giving them material things. They will be joyful and bless you for that. Think of those talents and knowledge you have that can be of great benefit to your parents. You can follow them to shops, banks, etc. It is these caring that will prompt them to bless you.

  1. Eat: Genesis 27:9 … eat… bless let your parents be in your budget. You can’t be eating fine things and giving trash to your parents. They must eat your money, wear your clothes, live in your house, go on trips abroad at your expense. You will wonder why Isaac said’ give me venison to eat. There is a connection between the heart and the mouth. Just as the mouth is the gateway of the body. The heart is the gateway to the soul.
  2. Obedience Ephesian 6:1.  The Bible said when you obey your parents you are doing what is right and you cannot be doing what is right and go wrong in life. Total obedience is key to miracles. Don’t say they are old fashioned and obey their words to the latter. Though you may not understand now but you will understand.
  3. Honor them Ephesians 6:2 

What is honor?

Honor means to have value, decoration, preference. There are people whose parents don’t have value in their eyes. No wonder they are on a steady fall in life. Reference your parents. See them like God. In the actual fact they are your earthly God.

  1. Serve your parents 2 kings 3: 11b. This is Elisha, but his CV was not a powerful prophet who divided Jordan but “… who poured water on the hands of Elijah”. If you don’t serve your parents your children will not serve you! Visit them, wash them clothes, make their hair, if they are too old bath them and collect your generation blessing from their mouth.

In Christendom these days there are many who do not want to serve they just want to become General Overseer overnight. Sorry, personally if I don’t know your spiritual fathers and I can’t attend a church just because you can see vision or prophesy doesn’t make a man of God. Without fathers you don’t have feathers to fly, said R D K Olukoya.

  1. Observe your parents; I grew up to see my Dad according to people due respect even to his own children then I follow suite. I read in God’s servant Bishop Oyedepo’s book that by 11pm he told his staff goodnight and good morning to Jesus that how my adventure into midnight prayers and praises started everyday for eight years.

The opposite of parental blessings is parental curses. If you have done anything that earned you parent curses before then the only remedy I know is to seek the forgiveness and blessing of your parents but if they are deed then you need serious prayer and deliverance.

Parental curses can 

  • It limits potential Genesis 49: 4
  • It attract other curses of life
  • It leads to division
  • Spiritual and physical barrenness
  • Demotion of all sorts
  • Breakdown instead of breakthroughs
  • No helpers
  • Misfired aggression
  • Resistance in the place of enthronement
  • Spoiling the spoiler

Importance of Parental Blessing

The Bible advises that children should obey their parents. It says that in the Lord, this is right and in all things, for this is much pleasing to the Lord. This also goes hand-in-hand with the Lord’s Commandment in Exodus: honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which Lord your God has given you.

The major key to societal stability is honor and respect for one’s parents and their authority. The book of Ephesians says, Child in the home should be voluntarily under the authority of his parents with obedience and submission to them as the agents of the Lord so placed over him, obeying their parents as if obeying God Himself. The book of Colossians says the only restriction to a child’s obedience is if parents demand from them something contrary to God’s Word.

It makes great sense to honor your parents and obey them. They are part of your life as long as they and you are alive. Hopefully too, they will be grandparents of your children.

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