1.0 – What is Parental Blessing?

1.0 – What is Parental Blessing?

Ephesians 6: 1-3.

Before we examine what is parental blessing let’s find out who a parent is?

A parent is the father or mother of an offspring meaning the parents’ reproduce the offspring. They may be biological or spiritual.

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What about parents?

  • They share their chromosome with the offspring which contain the DNA of the father meaning you are a continuation of the existence of your parents.
  • From the womb the mother provides protection, food, nutrients and blood for the child. The blood in the body of the child is principally your father’s blood.
  • The cells in your body are your parents.
  • Parents are caregivers especially the father being a provider and your mother being a caregiver. Your parents are your first destiny helpers.
  • Your parents normally have more understanding of you because they know you more than you.
  • You will either look like your parents, grandparents or their family members, that’s not your choice to make.

We now look at parental blessing

Parental blessing are destiny verdicts issued by a parent on a child. In order of hierarchy after God, your parents come next.  It doesn’t not matter if they are behaving the way you want or not, if they bless you; you are blessed and if they do otherwise no prayer can help you.

Abraham didn’t bless Isaac so God had to bless him again with the blessing of his father but Isaac didn’t make the mistake he blessed his sons (Genesis 27: 27-29, 40) Jacob demonstrated the very well he prophesied on his children (Genesis 49; 3-27)

Parental blessing is the blessing of your parents over your life and destiny. They are words but they are not just mere words but destiny pictures released for fulfillment in a man’s life.

The man of God over your life is your spiritual parent. That’s why not just every man should have authority over you. You need to do a soul searching to locate the rightful man. Remember that your spiritual parents don’t need you likewise you biological parents but you need them for everything. Tell me how much you can pay your parents for upbringing. You will discover you can’t, you may only show appreciation. Even if you are a professor today, imagine if you didn’t survive the first three months of you didn’t go to primary school how will you become a director, Engineer, professor today.

Parental blessings could be a silent wish by your parents to make you succeed. These are not words but parents’ heart being with you.

What is parental blessing?

  • Wellness in life: there are so many people that it’s not good today because their parents have issued a curse or have not blessed them.
  • Long life: if you want to live long and escape the premature death ravaging this generation then collect all that God loaded in your parents in terms of blessing.
  • Divine favor: you enjoy sweatless favor as a blessed man by your parents.
  • Divine Rain: you enjoy refreshing as you engage tirelessly in blessing your parents.
  • Divine protection:
  • Supernatural Speed;
  • Pacesetter of destiny: their words today create your tomorrow. 
  • Prevail against Foes:
  • Divine Help
  • Supernatural strength
  • Fruitfulness; any form of unfruitfulness can be terminated by parental blessing
  • Overflowing blessing
  • Divine enthronement and crowning: see Genesis 50: 3 a whole nation mourning Jacob for 70 days because he has a worthy son. I pray for you: God will bless your children so that nations will declare one whole year workfree for your investment in your children. In Egypt, nobody knows Jacob. It was Joseph. May the honour of your children rub off on you.
  • Supernatural prosperity: genesis 49: 11
  • Headship, leadership, first-all-the-time Genesis 49: 8

Parental blessings refers to positive forces that follow you and bring you good luck due positive words spoken forth over your life by those with parental authority over you. Some people refer to these guardian ancestors, angels, spirits etc. Maybe you want to ask who has parental authority. It is any person who has a parental relationship with you, whether biological or otherwise, though some people do not know their biological parents, mostly in black society. Some people lose their biological parents at a tender age. This is why parental authority does not have to do only with who carried you in her womb for the whole nine months. You may still have one or both of your biological parents. Some people have parents who are bad role models while some people are blessed with good character parents.

I believe parents have a major role and contributions to what their children become later in life. Whether positive or negative role; this depends on the guardian or parent in question. The major point is to strengthen the encouraging influence of parental authority in our lives so as to face situations courageously. This positive influence should be through blessings that our guardians and parents pronounce into our lives, not that people should not struggle in life if they carry parental blessings. It is mandatory that children get parental blessings since it helps them cope especially when things are actually difficult in life.

Evidence or lack of parental blessings

The confirmation of parental blessing is that whenever you endeavor things in life, they fall in space with comparative ease as contrasting to others.  However, there are people who are really struggling in life. 

Again, parental blessings are the good fate and farewell wishes that accompany children in life. These are the great wishes that appear from the depths of the hearts of people who have authority over your life. The proof of such blessings is made manifest in a variety of forms. These blessings can be associated with relationships, schooling, professional life, property, businesses, etc. 


Relationships are one area that people will hardly believe that parental blessings affect greatly. Indeed, parental blessings affect every area of our lives, as well as relationships.

Parental blessings might help you select a person that truly loves and cares about you. You may make some mistakes in choosing a partner. Even at that, the presence of your parental well wishes will enable you to come out of bad relationships fairly unhurt. We all know bad relationships hurt. Sad to say, some people lose their lives in terrible relationships, meaning their way out is the coffin. 

Parental blessings can also help you connect with the right people who will assist you to make progress in life. The truth is that some people are doing well in life due to the wonderful relationships they had with awesome people. You may want to think about those people who have contributed greatly to your success, and get a clearer picture.

Professional life

Unemployment abounds in every nation. Every country struggles with this issue. Circumstances like these call for parental blessings. Such blessings will help you find the right job and progress needed. Parental blessings can help you unlock the doors to the promotion you really deserve. If one doesn’t have these blessings in life, he can do everything right but still be unseen for promotion.


Parental blessings can help you get your business plan rightly approved, land that required tender and be able to carry on and grow that business of yours further. Sometimes, some people get such tenders, experience overnight success suddenly to wither and disappear into forgetfulness in months or years later. Therefore, you need to acquire these blessings on a nonstop basis; then you will leave a legacy of success.

What are the conditions?

Parental blessings have conditions for implementation. First-born children usually automatically meet the criteria for the blessings, although they still need to access them via the keys I’ve mentioned above. As for other children, they have to access their own blessings gradually as they grow up. However, there are pre-conditions for the blessings to be unlocked and occur in one’s life.

  • Sincerity

Sincerity is paramount for accessing parental blessings. You must have a sincere and clean heart. The acts of kindness and gifts must be carried out from a willing heart so that this will not become an operation where the child does his parents a help out of self-centered ambitions.

  • Spoken words

There is a need for a guardian or parent to be uttering words of blessings over the child’s life. It is for this basis that you have to unlock these things personally. Endeavour to physically present gifts or show acts of kindness to them as this will test your love and affection for your parents. 

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  1. I celebrate you sir, and thanks for this eye opener message, in fact I am a product of Parental Blessings, my success today is as a result of my Father and Mother Blessings on my life.


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