Covenant Pathway To Parental Blessing

Covenant Pathway To Parental Blessing


Many people Struggle in life, doing so much to make ends meet, yet to no avail. They look for solutions from various quarters. Some consult books; they could be termed epitome of knowledge. Some even become highly religious, worship God fervently, went through various deliverance programs in anticipation that there problems would be solved and would soon be living in affluence, but all to no avail.

Unfortunately, what some of these people failed to realize is that such miserable life could be as a result of lack of parental blessings from their parents or guardian as they grew up systematically in life.

This is why this book is been orchestrated your way this moment, to correct every hindrance you’ve been experiencing in life due to the hands of blessings withheld over your life from your parents or guardians.

This book will reveal to you the wisdom of having parental blessings released over your life, and guide you on how to amend your ways and claim these special blessings that matter greatly.


1.0: What is parental blessing? 

2.0: How to connect with parental blessings

3.0: Parental blessings and your battles

4.0: Transfer of virtue of parental blessing

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