4.0 – Transference of Virtue of Parental Blessing

4.0 – Transference of Virtue of Parental Blessing

I encourage parents to have 5 minutes of parental blessing daily on their children. This is different from prayer its declaration to shape their destiny. Don’t wait till you are old-time like Jacob, keep releasing them

We see an interesting story in 2 kings 2: 1-15. This was Elisha pursuing something in Elijah. The other children of the prophet were mocking him. Your other siblings may be mocking you but continue. Later he collected the mantle and they bowed their knees.

What interests me most is that said ‘his master will be taken away from your head” why the head? Parental blessings is a covering of your head meaning your destiny. What a parent your head is coverless

Before we look at virtues of parental blessing; we shall consider what happens when people don’t have parents physically and spiritually

  • You fend for yourself
  • No parental care, advise and direction
  • No affection 
  • Deprivation of food
  • Chances of survival is  slim
  •  We are doing this to access the impact of parenting biologically. Psychologically and spiritually

Spiritually, without parenting you don’t have a destiny. No matter how anointed you are someone somewhere has been prepared to bring out your potential and fan it to fame. You will need mentoring, discipleship, followership for the ol of your father to rub on you. The anointing is real. The power of God exists bit there are levels of empowerment that is largely transferred

Bishop Oyedepo will always talk about his experience how he prayed for the oil of Hagin and allowed till it dropped on him

How do you know your mentor?

  • There is a soul tie
  • Careful search
  • Pray about it

What is in parental blessings?

  • Divine favor
  • Wellness in life
  • Long life
  • Divine rain
  • Divine protection
  • Supernatural speed
  • Pacesetter of destiny
  • Prevail against foes
  • Divine help
  • Supernatural strength
  • Fruitfulness
  • Overflowing blessing
  • Divine enthronement
  • Supernatural prosperity
  • Headship leadership all the time

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